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Value-Based Pricing for CPAs: On Demand PD Course now available with CPA Ontario



Take the guesswork out of willingness-to-pay or cost-plus pricing. In our fast-paced digital world, products and services are getting increasingly more complex to price and monetize. This CPA Ontario course is designed for CPAs to accelerate their knowledge around best practices in value-based pricing, monetization, and offer design in the digital era. With a focus towards pricing B2B in the software subscription economy, participants from any size and type of organization will improve and optimize their company’s pricing, monetization, and offer design practices using proven best-in-class processes alongside leading-edge value-based pricing tools.

This learning package includes, a two-hour modular course, a hand’s on workbook, and a CPA pricing toolkit with cases and examples. Valued at over $600, it is available now for only $295.

By the end of this course, your level of expertise and confidence around pricing capabilities will allow you to deliver actionable improvements with how to price and monetize solutions and offers.

The course will include 5 modules focusing on The Software Pricing FrameworkTM processes, downloadable pricing tools, and case study examples for a thorough understanding of how theoretical pricing concepts can be applied into actionable (and optimal) pricing structures within an organization.



  • Adopt best practice pricing frameworks and processes for developing optimal pricing, monetization, and offer design

  • Apply downloadable pricing tools (with case study examples) to better articulate the link between price and value

  • Understand subscription pricing models that factor packaging/bundles, pricing metrics, and pricing tiers for hardware, software, and services

  • Learn how to integrate pricing assumptions into financial analysis and business cases


CPAs who are looking to learn best practices in developing and implementing value-based pricing strategies and structures.

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