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b2B product strategy & OFFER DESIGN.

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Our seasoned consultants and expert partners specialize in helping business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-government (B2G) software and digital hardware vendors maximize their company valuation using effective product and pricing strategies that drive results.

Scott Miller, CPA, CMA
Founder and Pricing Consultant

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Software & Digital Solutions (XaaS) - Pricing.

With over 20 years of pricing experience including senior consulting roles as well as corporate global pricing director roles with $10B technology firms. Scott has supported well over 100+ pricing and offer design initiatives throughout his consulting and corporate career across a wide variety of industries.

Scott is also a published pricing author, faculty member of the Professional Pricing Society (, and Fellow and Board Member with the International Software Product Management Association (ISPMA). 

Scott is based in Toronto, Canada.

Hans-Bernd Kittlaus
Consultant / Trainer
Software Product Management Expert
Founder InnoTivum, Chairman ISPMA

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Software Product Management.

Hans-Bernd is a global thought leader and author of numerous best practice books designed for the "Digital-Era" product manager. Hans-Bernd is a sought-after workshop facilitator and consultant and is also chairman of the International Software Product Management Association ( and founder of InnoTivum consulting firm. 

Hans-Bernd is based in Bonn, Germany.


Stephan Liozu
Value Consultant & Strategist
Founder Value Innoruption Advisors


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Value Consultant & Strategist.

As former Chief Value Officer (CVO) for aerospace firm Thales, Stephan M. Liozu, Ph.D. is founder of Value Innoruption Advisors (www., a boutique consulting firm specializing in industrial, digital, and value-based pricing. With over 15 publications on the topic of best practices in pricing and pricing execution, Stephan is viewed as a leading expert in the field of value-based pricing. Stephan is also a board member for the Professional Pricing Society (PPS) and trusted advisor to various software and tier 1 consulting firms.

Stephan is based in Arizona, USA.

Marguerite Fleming
Innovation Consultant, Americas

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Marguerite Mcleod-Fleming,MBA is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator for product team creative-thinking that achieves innovative ideas and drives a sustainable innovation culture using her proprietary Actionable Innovation System. 

As Principal of Innovation Culture Group, Marguerite is a SIT Associate for Canada and is certified to deliver the ISPI (Innovation Strengths Preference Indicator) assessment LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® engagements.

Marguerite is based in Toronto, Canada.

Robert Ribciuc
Senior Consultant
Founder & Managing Partner, EBITDA Catalyst

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Pricing - Consumer Brands & SaaS.

Robert Ribciuc, CFA, CPP is the Managing Partner of EBITDA Catalyst. EBITDA Catalyst provides pricing strategy & execution advisory for high-growth brands in the Consumer and Software / SaaS industries, with a focus on middle-market, mission-driven clients. Robert also partners with Portfolio Operations teams from top-flight private equity firms on value-creation projects and advises pro-bono a variety of nonprofits with pricing opportunities.


Robert has “done the job” as Head of Pricing at multiple global organizations, and is a sought-after thought leader on podcasts, at pricing conferences, and in pricing publications. Robert has a BA in Applied Math from Harvard, an MBA in Finance from the University of Chicago, and a CFA from the CFA Institute.


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Fred Puech. PhD
Data Scientist, Advanced Analytics
Founder of Keenalytix

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B2B Advanced Research Analytics.

Fred is an data analytics expert, with a Ph.D. in economics and 15 years of experience, including the past 7 years in leadership roles. He has been in the consulting industry for the past 14 years: the last 9 years in pricing, the 5 years prior in economic policy. He is passionate about making an impact on his clients’ business by helping them make the right decision based on a combination of data-driven insights and business understanding. Fred is founder of


Fred is based in Toronto, Canada.

Charles Topping
B2B Market Research
Win-Loss Client Interviews & Insights

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B2B Market Research.

Charles has built a reputation as a truth-teller in business. His approach cuts past opinions, bluster and fluff to get to the truth of the matter. He works closely with customers to defeat inside-out culture by reinforcing that today’s decision-making requires objective insights sourced from real conversations with real customers.

Before embarking as an independent B2B market researcher, Charles worked with Walmart Canada, Coca-Cola, Kraft, Mondelez, P&G and Old Dutch to bring new products to market.

Charles is based in Toronto, Canada.

Jeff Thompson
Product Strategy,
Mergers and Acquisitions

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Product Strategy - M&A.

As a seasoned entrepreneur and senior executive with several multi-national organizations, Jeff brings twenty-five years of corporate and product strategy that powered organic and inorganic growth in the enterprise software industry. Responsible for product innovation strategies, product development and launch, Jeff has been responsible for solution that drive measure results for the global Fortune 1000. Jeff also brings a background in mergers and acquisitions where he was responsible for M&A strategy, due diligence and post-close integration plans.

Jeff is based in New Brunswick, Canada.

Kris Schulze
Marketing, B2B Content Expert

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B2B Marketing and Marketing Content.

Translate your offers and product value messaging into marketable, sellable, and actionable communications with your clients. With clients in enterprise and government, Kris understands the world of B2B marketing - SEO, graphic/web design, editing, writing, and content marketing.


Kris has also held a variety of CMO positions including the B2B News Network and North America's Product Marketing Community (PMC).

Kris is based in Toronto, Canada.

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